Valve Bank failing on Ansung BH76 backhoe

Ross May 2020.05.21 13:48:35


I have a backhoe manufactured by Ansung that was sold in Australia by Midway Sales as an 'Emu EBH760'.

I am contacting Dukin/Besko as Midway Sales are no longer in business.

Since purchasing the backhoe I have had consistent problems with the valve bank and I'm hoping you can assist me to identify the problem. I have had an hydraulic engineer check every element of the Besko unit fitted to the Backhoe and have replaced all o-rings on four occasions.

Despite this the o-rings continue to 'laminate' and the backhoe does not work.

Have you had any other problems with this valve bank? Can you please offer suggestions on how to correct this issue?

Please respond to tell me how this can be repaired.

Thank you. I have attached some pictures.

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